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Hi Jared,

I'll be posting an update soon! Thanks for checking in!


Comment by kmaclea [] Thu Sep 12 01:50:22 2013
Are there any updates?
Comment by Jared Mon Jun 10 20:41:58 2013

Here is the link to Doctor Zen's entry in #SciFund 1, Doctor Zen and the Amazon Crayfish.

It was successfully fully funded and I'm eagerly anticipating the results, since I was a "fueler" the first time around and may be interested in comparing my results with results from P. fallax (sexual version).

Comment by kmaclea [] Tue Apr 10 21:50:00 2012

How strand sequencing works:


Comment by kmaclea [] Sat Apr 7 06:14:01 2012

Here's another advance in the area of NGS. Amazing stuff!

Oxford Nanopore GridION


Comment by kmaclea [] Sat Apr 7 06:11:31 2012